Horror Road Of Delhi Cantt
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Delhi Cantt

Top Horror Place of Delhi – Yes ! this place is also known as a horror place in Delhi. You know for what? It’s a white saree woman looking for revenge of her death from passersby. There are a lot of Horror Places near Delhi NCR, but this is attached to one single story and a woman in white saree. I too have visited this Horror Place in Day and tried to shoot if any paranormal comes in my camera. I visited this place with my GoPro camera and a few photography tools like tripod, Gorillapod, extra batteries.

Horror Road Of Delhi Cantt

Horror Road Of Delhi Cantt

This kind of Haunted Places are usually are near woods or greenery, and this horror place is too located in the semi-hilly area, and its army protected area. This also has one haunted house that is at the top of the hill. Besides that, even after hearing all these haunted stories I decided to give my 24 hours to this place exploring truth. Watch the below video of my experiences and explorations of this one of the top haunted place of Delhi.

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How To Visit Delhi Cantt

If you are planning to visit Delhi Cantt from Indian Railways, then let me tell you that Delhi Cantt railway station is very far from this Horror Place. Delhi Cantt railway station is the opposite side of the road that is known as the haunted road of Delhi. You can have Delhi metro and get down at Delhi Cantt metro station. Before you visit any horror place, you should be mentally prepared of anything that is unexpected.

My Real Story of Horror Place

This is my one of the first visit to any Horror Place. I first called my local friend Jatin to come and introduce me to the haunted road. Jatin is my one of the friend who never believes in ghosts and spirits. By the time Jatin and his friends came, I visited Haunted Road & Delhi War Cemetery that is counted as one of the top haunted places of Delhi.

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