Swala Village
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Swala Village, must be a name you never heard of. It’s situated in Champawat District of Uttarakhand. We know Uttarakhand as Dev Bhumi but there are many places in this Dev Bhumi that are called haunted with ghosts and demons. Swala Village is one of them. Before 1952 this was like another normal village with lots of people living but one unfortunate incident made this village a ghost village.

Abandoned Village of Uttarakhand
Abandoned Village of Uttarakhand

What made Swala Village Haunted

There is a very strange story that made this village haunted. In 1952 an army battalion was passing through this village but unfortunately, their vehicle lost balance and fell down in a big ditch of mountain. All the army people were stuck and badly hurt. A few villagers saw their vehicle falling down so they ran towards that place but instead of helping them they start to run away taking their belonging and luggage. All of the eight army men kept yelling for help but no one helped them. As they couldn’t get the help they all finally died.

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Ruined Houses
Ruined Houses

What Happen After That Accident

People say this incident changed the destiny of the village. It is said that after a few days people started to see ghosts of those army men haunting them. Local believes that they returned to take revenge. Due to the haunting of dead army men, villagers started to leave the village. They started to move towards adjoining villages and within a few years, everyone left the village. None of the villagers dare to stay this place in the night.

Locked For Years Now
Locked For Years Now

What people say

I head a lot of stories of happening there. One of the common story is too strange. People say if they try to spend the night in village home and come out in dark, the spirit of solders tries to drag them to the same spot where they all died. Even today people claim the see these solders.

67 Years Old
67 Years Old

Villagers realized mistake

Villagers realized the mistake and made a temple at the same place where solders died to get rid of ghosts but nothing changed. This temple is on the main road and still all the vehicle passing this place stopes here for a moment and bow down their heads.

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My Conclusion

This is subject to investigate and for that, I need to pay a visit to this place and spend a night with paranormal investigation instruments. I have put this place in my list and soon ill post more information and the final conclusion if Swala village is haunted or all myth.

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