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Nidhivan the sacred place of Hindus and is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is known as one of the most knowledgeable gurus in Hindu mythology. As the name says Nidhivan, is a block of the thick forest where Lord Krishna used to do Raas Leela with Radha and Gopis. Presently is having a forested area and temple protected with a boundary.

Mysterious Trees At Nidhivan
Mysterious Trees At Nidhivan

The Story That Makes Nidhivan Mysterious

It is said that every night Lord Krishna comes here and do Raas Leela with Gopis. All the trees inside the premises become Gopis. After Raas Leela Lord Krishna goes to a corner to do rest with Radha, that is known as Rang Mahal. This place is decorated every evening to welcome Lord Krishna with some eatable offerings like Laddu, Paan & Water.
The unbelievable part is this premises kept locked with multiple locks after evening Arti but in the morning water glass finds empty and Paan gets human bites, also the decorated bed looks that someone used that.

Nidhivan Main Entry
Nidhivan Main Entry

What People Hear & See in Night At Nidhivan

It is very common for people to hear the sound of flute and Ghunghroos at night. People say that its because Lord Krishna performs Raas Leena while playing flute and all the Gopis have Ghoonghroos in feet.

Fact of Night

No one is allowed to stay at this place after evening Arti. Security and Purohit (Care Taker) double-check this place to see if someone hides inside to get a glimpse or find the secret.
It is a well-known fact that no animal or even bird stay this place after dark. In day time this place is full of birds and thousands of monkeys.
Care Taker of Nidhivan locks these premises with multiple locks and these locks only get open at the time of morning Arti and still offering insides are used by unknown energy.

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Nidhivan Birdeye View
Nidhivan Birdeye View

Efforts Of Uncovering Mystery At Nidhivan

No one ever managed to uncover this mystery. One of the most powerful hurdles is security. Temple society makes damn sure that no one able to investigate. Even they don’t let you use the camera inside the temple.
It is said by locals that many people tried to stay inside but some become mad, some died and some became stone.
I made a visit to Nidhivan 2 years ago on Janmashtami but that time I wasn’t even able to reach Nidhivan. So i kept this place in my tunnel. I have a very clear plan to investigate. Just follow me in Instagram or Facebook and keep getting updates on my upcoming investigations.
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The Trees That Turns Into Gopis At Night
The Trees That Turns Into Gopis At Night

How To Reach Nidhivan & Timings

Nidhivan is Located at Uttar Pradesh Mathura.
Railways – Nearest railway station is Mathura Jn. & Mathura Cantt. From the railway station, there are a lot of public transport and shared autos available to cover the next 9 km distance.
Flight – Nearest Airport is Agra.
By Road – Follow NH-2
Google Map Location
6:30 AM – 12:00 PM
4:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Ticket– Free
Beware – This place is full of monkeys. They especially try to steal/snatch ur shoes, sunglasses & mobiles. There is a cloakroom changes 10 rs to keep your valuable stuff safe.

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Update 14-Nov-2021 : Gauravzone got arrested in attempt to uncover mystery behind Nidhivan

I thought I will be the first to find the mystery behind Nidhivan but on 7th Nov one of the Youtuber Named Gauravzone did that. He and few of his local friends jumped the back walls and entered in restricted premises to find the mystery behind Nidhivan. They had cameras and lights with them. They also took shots of the room and found that at idols and sculptures were covered with white cloths. They didn’t spent time there but shooting that place was something many wanted for years. Once he uploaded the video on channel next day pujari of mandir filed an FIR in Mathura police station for inciting religious sentiments. He immediately deleted video but that didn’t work and police arrested him on 14 Nov 2021 and sent him to judicial custody.

Shooting inside view
Idols covered with White Cloth

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