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Mehndipur Balaji

In search of Paranormal, I visited every single haunted place near Delhi NCR. I found some anomaly but couldn’t get some ghost pictures or ghost video. Suddenly on a weekend, I thought to visit Mehndipur Balaji. I heard this place is worshipped as Lord Hanuman’s exorcism Avatar.
I prepared my bags on Friday evening and started my ride on my motorcycle at 10 PM and took 2 tea breaks midway. Reached there at ar around 5:30 AM. It is said that in the morning Aarti if anyone is possed, can be caught as he comes in between the circle. I took a Dharamshala and had a bath, and without any rest, I reached the aarti place. It was heavily crowded, all kind of people can be seen middle-class, upper class lower class, everyone.

Mehndipur Balaji

What I Saw In Balaji Aarti

Morning Aarti is considred most important at Mehndipur Balaji. It started around 6 AM, and things began to turn different that I was expecting. I was at the backside of the crowd and was a bit scared that what if I come in the middle circle rolling my head like possed people. Well I was thinking, and suddenly just 2 raws in front a guy started to roll his head, and people dragged him in the middle where one mahant was instructing possed people to stay here only. I got terrified and started feeling dizzy I suddenly started to back off and visited nearby Khooka guy and had a cold drink. I thought its because I haven’t slept for the whole night.

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Tried Again To Stand In Aarti

Anyways after having a cold drink I again get in the crowd. This time thought to stand with some high-class girls to feel safe from people start to roll heads. But my worst nightmare one of the girl standing beside me began to rolling her head. Her younger sister was shouting “didi rok jao“, “didi ruk jao” but Mahantji and girls father let that possed girl go and she set in the circle and kept rolling her head like others. I left the aarti in between and was very scared.

Now Aarti gets over, and mahant took all possed people from an iron door. I asked people what will happen to them now. They said they will get punishments and remedies and they will have to stay here till they gets fine. It could take a week or month depends on the type of ghost who possed them.

I couldn’t dare to shoot things or took photos there, I just want to go back to my home and sleep peacefully. I came back at Dharamshala packed my bags and left for my home. Those 20 hours were tortures for me, and I could not forget those times.

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Travel Guide For Mendipur Balaji Temple

If you are planning to visit Mehndipur Balaji Rajasthan then its best to take the road. From Delhi its 270 Kms and if you dont rush it will take 7-8 hours.

By Air, nearest airport if around 110 km that is Jaipur airport. Flight frequency here is good.

If you want to travel here by train, then Bandikui railway station is closest approximately 40 km from where you can take a taxi or public transport to the temple. Also you can have shared jeep they charge Rs 50 per person and drop right at Mandir. For Google Map Location Click Here

Some Very Important Instructions

I was instructed by Dharamshala guy not to take prasad from anyone because this can transfer their curse to you.

You are not suppose to drink or eat anything inside the temple premises because it is said that it can get some spirit inside you.

If you get some prasad dont take, and if you take prasad by mistake do not eat to take it home.

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