Khooni Nadi - Delhi's Top Haunted Place
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Khooni Nadi The Haunted River

Khooni Nadi is also known as Bermuda Triangle of Delhi. Its English meaning of this is Bloody River.  River that is same as color of blood. Can anyone think of place like New Delhi which is the capital of new India and is one of the busiest city where life never slowed down even after 12AM there you can find haunted places? Yes this is true Delhi has several haunted spots where people still witness paranormal activities. If you are brave enough to digest all haunted stories then you should visit these places. Khooni Nadi is one of the top haunted place of Delhi where so many incidents related to paranormal have been noticed.


Khooni Nadi Purana Pul

Khooni Nadi Purana Pul

Story of Khooni Nadi

Its a well-known fact related to this that if anyone touch water of Khooni Nadi then this Nadi will suck him inside. As per locals and some stories over internet these kind of incidents are still happening here. It could be suicide or act of stupidity but this statement is still strong that if someone goes inside this water-body he never returns, ghosts inside the Khooni Nadi drags him down and take his life away.

People hear unusual sounds of crying in evening at banks of Khooni Nadi. If they try to locate those voices change spots or get silent for some time. Walking on banks of the river, one will starts to get negative vibes. One will get feeling that someone is staring, walking along even if there is no one. Its a branch of Yamuna that’s flowing through Rohini.

My Visit To Khooni Nadi To Find Truth

Recently i visited Khooni Nadi and spent day and night there. There is lot to tell about this place. So to know more watch below video that i made during my visit.

How To Reach Khooni Nadi

Its located in North Delhi’s Rohini. Khooni Nadi is a small river surrounded by lot of trees. You can reach this place with Delhi Metro Rohini West Station. My advice is not to go alone or after sunset.

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