Karbala Graveyard
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Karbala Graveyard just near to residential government colony Batukeshwar Dutt Colony short name B.K. Dutt Colony. It’s almost abandoned these days. Its been 33 years since the last person buried here.  With time people coming to meet their loved one buried here are decreasing. The reason being almost all graves have no next generation alive.

Karbala Graveyard is a different place with a lot of trees, birds and lots of peacock in evening and morning. Why I said different? I have visited so many cemeteries that includes Nicholson Cemetery, Delhi War Cemetery, Lothian Cemetery etc but this surrounds lots of nature and human sounds. It has a road connected with it where almost all time traffic passes but inside no human only deads whos memories are fading away.

History of Karbala Graveyard

Karbala Graveyard was first used by royal peoples. Mughal emperor Shah Alam II ‘s wife Maha Khanum was buried here. Graves here are now cracking, texts on the grave are fading away but still some Sufi graves receives chaddars from unknown people to give respect to them.

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Karbala named has been picked from a City of Iraq. It unknown who built this place as a graveyard and who named this place Karbala. It’s only known history that its walls are built by Shah Alam the emperor. The last person buried here was Syed Murtaza Fazal Ali in 1985. On 10th day of Muharram ( Muslim Festival), Shiite mourners from Nizamuddin and Mehrauli gather here to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein. Karbala graveyard is reserved for Tazias now.

Whats Haunting In Karbala Graveyard

Apart from all history above this place is now been counted as the most haunted place of Delhi for unknown reasons. In the first look, this abandoned graveyard looks mysterious, silent and sad. Locals say there is nothing wrong with this place and they never heard anything except strange sounds similar to animals.

After all these hearings BikingMystery decided to visit Karbala Graveyard and spend a few hours of daytime inside this place. It was a rainy day of August 2018 I visited Karbala from Safdarjung Airport Flyover side. I reached there at 4 PM it was all silent inside except sounds of birds especially peacock. I entered through broken wall, looks like this place is a restricted place for general public. With time sun started to get down silence was taking over the Karbala Graveyard. Even after dark, I did not feel any negative or paranormal. Around 7:30 PM I came out.

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How To Reach Karbala Graveyard

Metro: the Nearest metro station is Jor Bagh

Bus: Jor Bagh Bus Stand

By Road: Click Here For Google Navigation To Karbala Graveyard

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