Sanjay Van At Night
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Haunted Sanjay Van – This place does not need any introduction for paranormal activity finders. In day time it looks a beautiful place with lot of greens but in night Sanjay van becomes Haunted Sanjay Van for peoples. No one dares to enter this place after sunset. Sanjay van entry board too warns not to stay in the park after 7 PM. Many people denied that there is any haunted activity comes in the power after night but the same time a few people i met outside said that spirits take over the park and makes it Haunted Sanjay Van.

Dargah at other end of Haunted Sanjay Van

Its a Dargah at other end of Haunted Sanjay Van

Highlight of Sanjay Van

Around 150 kind of birds can be found here.

No entry fee for Sanjay Van.

There are total of 5 entry points that are at every direction.


My Visit Night Visit At Haunted Sanjay Van 

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After spending almost half of my day i visit laxman fast food and has some aloo paranthas to get me charged for whole night that i was going to spend at Sanjay Van. I have seen a few guys entering after 8 pm but they just gone in for smoke at the bench near the gate. Because of all these hanted stories no body dares to get inside.

Haunted Sanjay Van

In this picture i am opening a packet that is full of Black magic stuff.

After watching for sometime a entered from Gate no 5. Parked my motorcycle outside the gate. Below is the video of my night exploration of haunted sanjay van. I found a voodoo doll and open a packet that has some jadu tona stuff inside it.




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