Be A Guest Author At BikingMystery

Its been a year when I started writing this blog. I am not a very good writer or narrator but managed to share my experiences and knowledge here in words.

This blog invites topics related to

Haunted places
Mysterious places
Travel related topics
Historical sites
Haunted Real Stories
And similar topics

All you have to do click here and drop a note to be a guest author here. You can prepare topic yourself and post yourself after I add you to blog author list. The post will be at your name.

You will get all the credit for the post. In the beginning, your name will be shown as the author, and in the end, you will see about the author. You can include your picture, and in the post you can give a backlink to your blog or site as a reward. This link will remain lifetime to your post.

So what are you waiting for a shoot a note with your topic and share your knowledge with the world.