GP Block Meerut
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Introduction To Haunted GP Block

There are a lot of haunted places in India and GP Block is counted as one of the top most haunted place in India. It is situated in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut City. A lot of adventurists trespassed this place and have different stories to tell. It’s also an important point that this area falls under the Indian Army (Cantonment)

Main Building Of GP Block
Main Building Of GP Block

Story Behind GP Block

People claimed to see a red saree women combing her hairs at the rooftop of this structure. Also, a few people claimed to see 4 guys from the window having the drink.

3 Buildings Of GP Block
3 Buildings Of GP Block

My Visit To GP Block

I Visited this place in the month of March last year on my motorcycle alone. This place isnt a well-known place nearby also there are lot of restrictions to visit this place by Army. I was well aware of this fact and was fully prepared to trespass this place.

It took almost 2 hours to locate GP Block’s way that goes through an isolated jungle kind of passage. I took my bike on that wooded area. It was just a few meters inside and a guy comes from nowhere and stopped me asking where I am going. He seems to be in the influence of alcohol and started to ask what’s inside my bag. I told me that I have clothes and I mistakenly took this route I want to go to Haridwar and started to move my bikes direction back to the main road. He clutched my hand but I zoomed my bike and flew.

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Inside GP Block
Inside GP Block

After coming back I told this story to one of my friend Jatin. He assured me that next week he will go with me with a few other macho guys to tackle any situation. On second Saturday of March, I and Jatin and 3 other guys visited GP Block in early hours of Day. The passage was too narrow to take our car inside so we parked the car a few mins away from GP Block and walked towards to structure. We spent a few hours there. Around 2 PM two schoolboys came there on their scooty. I asked them about the haunted stories they told me that they come to this place to have weed and smoke and this place is unsafe as a lot of antisocial people comes here to hide out and to do illegal activities.

Way To GP Block
Way To GP Block

Regarding ghost, they told us that there is nothing wrong with this place. This place used to have a family that was deployed by the army to take care of this structure and they never compliant and paranormal thing here.

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As we had already spent 6 hours at this place no one was willing to stay here till midnight. So unfortunately i had to come back. I am planning a night stay at this place in the coming 2-3 months. Will soon update this article with my night experience at GP Block Meerut.

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