Farukh Nagar Wholesale Rates Crackers Delhi NCR
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Farukh Nagar the wholesale cracker market of Delhi NCR gives Countdown my Diwali every year and its begun but this year too with some restrictions on firecrackers. Last year in 2017 supreme court has put blanket ban on all crackers in Delhi/NCR but in 2018 court allowed cracker selling with some restrictions.

Only licensed crackers sellers can sell this time.

Less smoky crackers are allowed only

Time for cracking is restricted to 2 hours that’s 8PM to 10PM

Farukh Nagar Pataka Factory & Market

Now lets come to the topic for what you searched and landed here. Farukh Nagar- Asalatpur village is home for over 50 licensed cracker manufacturers. Apart from wholesale they have godowns where they sell directly to retail customers. I tried to look for cheaper options and after searching from Palwal to Ghaziabad this is the cheapest and trusted market I found. You can get all kind of firecrackers like anaar, pencils, sutli bomb, hand chakari, LPG bomb and the best fuljhadi. Farukh Nagar Pataka Market starts right from the beginning of the village. You will start to see pataka sellers all around the road from small seller to biggest all available.

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Most of the houses in Farukhnagar Asalatput village are directly or indirectly involved in firecracker business. This business is being going on here for years now.

Location Of Farukh Nagar Cracker Market



My Last Year Review Of Farukh Nagar Pataka Market is in Below Video

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