Haunted Tree Of Dwarka Sector 9
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Dwarka Sector 9

Dwarka is one of the biggest places in Delhi and has spread in 56.48 km2 area. Dwarka has a total of 8 metro stations till now and one of the 8 metro stations is one known for paranormal activities. Metro Station of Dwarka sector 9 is on the same road that is notorious for a white saree woman slapping people passing by.  This road has one Temple and in front of that temple, there is a peepal tree that known to be a house of lady ghost.

Dwarka Sector 9 Haunted Tree

In Hindu mythology, Peepal or Bargad trees (Ficus religiosa & banyan tree) are known to be a place for chudails, aatma, ghost or anything paranormal. The main haunted ghost road of Dwarka sector 9 too has both trees as can be seen in below picture. This makes things spooky here. This haunted tree is in front of Dada Bai Wala Mandir that can be shown on googlemaps if you search for Dwarka sector 9 on map.

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Dwarka Sector 9 Haunted Ground

There is a ground on the left hand side of Dwarka sector 9 metro station parking. DDA is now developing it as a park but still at night people see unusual light and paranormal presence in this ground.

Dwarka Sector 9 Haunted Road

Its temple on the haunted road

My Personal Visit At Night At Dwarka Sector 9 Haunted Road

Even after hearing a lot of ghost stories about Dwarka sector 9 I decided to visit there. It was Saturday night, and as I already heard a lot, so I was doubtful that should I visit alone or ask someone to accompany me. I called one of my friends to join me for this haunted exploration but was unable to come on the short notice. I decided not to take my step back without knowing the truth of this Dwarka sector 9 Haunted Tree.

Below video has my experiences and finding do watch and ask me anything about Dwarka’s haunted road. Also while coming back, I met Gauravzone doing some shoot nearby. It was a pleasure to meet him Gaurav.

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2 thoughts on “A Night At Dwarka Sector 9 Haunted Ghost Tree Alone

  1. You have a lot of courage to focus the light to your face in the park, that necessarily makes everything else extra dark to your eyes. Well done bro.

    1. Thank you brother for boosting me. It was one of my early videos. I made this video out of my boundaries of courage. Very scary night for me.

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