Dagshai Haunted Graveyard
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Dagshai is a place that is not known by many.  It’s just a small village near National Highway 22 going towards Shimla. Dagshai word’s meaning is made of Daag-E-Shai which means Royal Mark. This Royal Mark was not pride but was a shame tag given to prisoners in Dagshai.  This is one of the oldest cantonments of India, founded by the British in 1847. This is one of the 5 villages that was gifted to East India Company by Maharaja of Patiala Bhupinder Singh. Other four were Jawag, Chunawad Dabbi, and Badhtiala.

Dagshai Haunted Cemetery

Dagshai Haunted Cemetery

Dagshai village has nothing except few army buildups, one top Army boarding school, and local village houses. Apart from this all it has a cemetery notorious to be haunted among locals. The spirits here doesn’t harm people but they bless. The story behind this spirit is that once in British time a Major named George Weston and his wife were childless. But once they get the blessing from some local Muslim saint and she got pregnant. But unfortunately, in her 8th month of pregnancy on 10th December 1909, she met with an accident and died along with her unborn child in her womb. She was buried in Dagshai Cemetery and her husband decorated her grave with a beautiful marble made the structure of a lady and her baby blessed by elf.

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Dagshai Museum
Dagshai Museum

Dagshai Haunted Jail

Dagshai Jail
Dagshai Jail

This Dagshai jail was built by East India Company in 1849 with very high expense. It has now turned into a museum. This jail witness a lot of killings and hangings too. It is said that the ghost of died people still haunts this place. Local too claim to see unknown people roaming around this jail.

What People Claim To See here

Many people started to claim that they saw the ghost of Major’s wife named Mary Rebeca Weston in Dagshai cemetery in nights. Also in the day, childless couples visit her grave to get blessings to get pregnant soon with a boy child.

My Personal Visit

I haven’t visited this place so far but it’s on my card. Soon ill visit this place. I am also working on a team of a few volunteers to join for further explorations.

How To Reach Dagshai

Dagshai is 290 Kms for Delhi and nearest Airport is Chandigarh from where you can take a local bus or can hire a taxi.

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