Chudail Baudi Haunted Road
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Chudail Baudi is one of the most haunted places in Shimla. It is situated on Shimla Highway between Chota Shimla To Navbahar. People passing this road in night seen a lady with long black hair and wearing white saree and her face covered with Ghunghat (Part of Saree). She asks for a lift in nights. If people don’t stop for her she starts to run with the car or sometimes comes at backseat from nowhere. Many accidents happen here due to this women ghost.

Chudail Baudi

One more thing can be experienced at Chudail Baudi. Your vehicle will slow down at this scratch no matter how hard you press the accelerator or how powerful is your vehicle.

Similar Stories And Sightings

This story is similar to Delhi Cantt’s haunted road and Dwarka sector 9 Haunted tree where people see a white saree lady asking for a lift and if you don’t offer lift she runs with car no matter how much speed of your vehicle. Delhi Cantt –

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My Visit To Chudail Baudi

I recently come across this place by a facebook comment on my facebook page. Will soon visit and investigate this place. Subscribe to my Youtube channel till then you will get a video there. Subscribe Now –

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