Chor Minar
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Chor Minar was built by Alauddin Khilji in the 13th century. It was also known as the “tower of beheadings” where Prisoners of War were displayed through holes of the structure. This was criminals were warn. The older story says Chor Minar was used to displaying heads of Mongols to stop them joining their other Mongol fellows out of the city. Also, it is said that Alauddin Khilji ordered beheading of over 8000 Mangol soldiers and their head was displayed here to give a message to Mangols that no one will be spared if anyone tries to attack India.

About The Structure

Chor Minar is a small structure. The main attraction of Chor Minar is 225 holes around the structure. Nowadays its covered with DDA made Park.

Haunted Stories Revolving Around Chor Minar

Even though this structure is inside a highly populated residential colony in Houzkhas people still feels this place is haunted. Reason being beheading of thousands here. Locals say there is nothing wrong but a few say they have seen lights and felt paranormal presence when they were around this structure.

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How To Reach
By Metro Or Bus: Hauz Khaz
Entry Ticket: There is no entry Ticket
Timing: No Time limitations.
Best Time To Visit: Daytime


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