Hi, This is Rohan from New Delhi. Basically, I am a musician by profession. Apart from music I very much fascinated to paranormal and extraterrestrial. To extended all of my hobbies turned into some serious business I launched this website in 2017. I have started to explore top haunted places in Delhi and will extend it to top haunted places in India and so on. Apart from haunted places ill also investigate all the mysterious sites of India. Whether they are historically connected to a mystery like “Nidhi Van of Mathura” where Lord Krishna came every night or if they become notorious recently. The USP of my investigations is that I am always alone, no one for support or help. If you are too working on the same subject seriously, we can collaborate for a video together to share knowledge and spread awareness against superstitions that are harming our society.

Tagline: One Biker Million Mysteries !!!

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